Sydney duo GL are rounding out our week nicely with their debut single ‘What Happened To Us?’. Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson have joined forces once again, away from their past work in The Bamboos, to create something refreshing and brilliant; this is a pop song which acknowledges a variety of influences whilst surging forward with a hearty mix of stellar vocal work and flawless production. Thankfully we won’t be waiting too much longer before the release of their EP, in the meantime we’ll be spinning this one ad nauseam.

GL are set to release their debut EP on September 26th via Plastic World – it features remixes from the likes of Terrence Parker and Gerd Jansen.



You may remember the name Andrei Eremin from earlier in the year when we featured his collaboration with Fractures, or perhaps his name rings a bell from the plethora of artists he has produced, mixed and mastered: Chet Faker, Naysayer & Gilsun, Lower Spectrum, Japanese Wallpaper and Foreign/National…this list is as extensive as it is formidable. Having debuted as a live performer just last week at BIGSOUND, Eremin is undoubtedly beginning to make his mark via solo work and his remix of Milwaukee Banks’ ‘Sweater Made Of Gold’ exemplifies this; it’s a vibrant reinterpretation of an older favourite. There’s an air of boundless energy that seeps through in this effort – it’s a total makeover which uses elements of 8-bit and droning synths to develop a sense of urgency whilst retaining the soulful vocals of MB’s Dyl Thomas.

Andrei Eremin’s remix is taken from the forthcoming Rose Water Remix EP. Watch out for it.



In the days leading up to the release of their stunning third LP The Worry, Seekae’s George Nicholas took the time to catch up with us and share the details of their album and how he sees it fitting in with their narrative so far. The Worry is an album which has left us transfixed; a new chapter which surprises and transforms, tightening the thread between old and new in what is, at times, a devastating fashion. We’ve been wanting to do this for a little while, enjoy!

I OH YOU: You’ve just wrapped up your Australian tour for ‘Test & Recognise’. How did it feel to open up the dialogue between your audience and the new material?

George Nicholas: Yeah it was a really special tour. It’s been a long time since we’ve toured Australia and I think it was also special because of the unconventional timing of it all. It was essentially like a preview run of shows off the back of two singles from the new album and then the rest of the material was unheard. In one way it was kind of good but in another way it’s kind of underwhelming because people can’t sing those songs back to you. We did grow into that idea that we could go out there every night and watch people absorb it for the first time in different ways.

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I OH YOU: I was lucky enough to be at Golden Plains earlier this year and I’ve been dying to hear the material properly ever since – I imagine that you guys are in a very interesting place with the release only a few days away!

GN: Even with Golden Plains we were refining those tracks a lot, since then they’ve come from different forms. One of our ways of work shopping these tracks is playing them. We get super bored playing the same stuff every night. We’ve been playing half finished versions of those songs on the road and as a part of our process you can refine them once you’ve fleshed them out.

I OH YOU: You had a reasonable period of time between +Dome and The Worry. Where were you at in a creative sense after touring wrapped up on the last tour before you looked at tackling this album?

GN: Creatively, we were pretty exhausted after the last album. It took a long time to arrive and The Worry has only really come together in the last two months of the creative process.  It was really amazing to come together after all of these months of different projects (Cliques, Alex Cameron). There have been periods of intense work and then periods where we could take it easy and mull over it all. I think that really contributed positively to what people are going to hear now.

I OH YOU: One of the most immediate differences in this album is the introduction of lyrics. Was that a natural progression or a decidedly large deviation from the usual Seekae way of doing things?

GN: I think it was a natural progression but this has been something that we’ve always wanted to do; at least we realized that as we got on with +Dome. With the last record we set up the writing process as instrumental first by way of necessity. We’re all instrumentally minded artists and it’s always been about getting those melodies down. We wrote a bunch of instrumentals that were all quite full and the idea was that we’d put the vocals over them on the last record but it turned out that they were way too full, they said enough already without putting the vocals in there. With this record we left things a little sparser and managed to let the vocals grow into them to a point that we were happy with.  I think that’s why it works much better on this record.

I OH YOU: In terms of the newly introduced prominence of the vocals – was there any certain theme or even a particular song that really inspired this change? Was there a moment where you all agreed that it was time?

GN: I think a lot of the songs are story lines to us. We wanted this record to be a reflection of all three of us, not just the lyrics and ideas of one person’s story. A lot of these tales are made up but the point is that being on the road and things that we’ve done together influences them.

I OH YOU: I still find hearing ‘Test & Recognise’ on the radio during the day to be quite confronting. I mean, lyrically..

GN: ‘Test & Recognise’ is a good example of that sentiment I just mentioned, because it’s about us being out on New Years Eve somewhere in Europe having a good time before it all fell apart in this wash of darkness and weird feelings. It’s reasonably heavy in that sense.

I OH YOU: It’s been a really exciting run into this album; largely because even with two singles released I never felt like I had much of an idea of where it would land.

GN: Exactly. The idea with ‘Test & Recognize’ being a single was that it was on the opposite end of the spectrum to ‘Another’ in terms of the directness of the lyrics, the structure and the melody. They’re polar opposites. We wanted to challenge people and present the breadth of the album.

I OH YOU: I still find myself watching the film clip for ‘Another’ a lot more than I probably should. How important has it been to tell a story on an aesthetic level for you guys along with each chapter of the project?

GN: It’s definitely important. We love to be involved and to make sure that whatever visual accompanying the audio is exactly right. That’s the reason why we don’t use visuals in the live show – we don’t want to convey the wrong message by pairing visuals that have no relevance just to be edgy. Even video clips can be hard for us; we end up scrapping a lot of things because there’s no point having opposing ideas. I love that clip for ‘Another’. It wasn’t my interpretation of the song. A guy called Ian Pons Jewell, who lives in Bolivia, wrote it and he had this really whacky idea for where the song came from. It’s a fairly captivating interpretation on what I see as a lyrically direct piece.

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I OH YOU: This album really propelled me to go and revisit the earlier material and I guess as a whole it’s just really great to look back at the narrative. It’s come a really long way in every sense.

GN: I’m glad you said that. More so now than ever before it’s cool to put it into context like that. I feel like every time we make something new it’s not change for the sake of change, it’s actually just because we’ve grown more confident doing these things. Like, with the vocals, we’ve just become more confident with our instruments and from a technical perspective each album progresses with our skill set. It’s about getting to that point of feeling comfortable and then asking ‘right, how are we going to challenge ourselves and really make use of the last step’.

I OH YOU: Whether through Remixes from guys like Cassius Select or label-mate Flume, do you feel like this is an album which will see you grow further into the Australian electronic scene? In the past I must say I’ve never really pinned you down to any location or scene..

GN: I don’t really know. I try not to think about it…actually it’s not that I try, I just don’t (laughs). I think there’s a lot of amazing Australian electronic music and it’s an exciting time to be around that. I don’t really think the record ties into any Australian sound or anything like that, though. This record isn’t particularly contemporary or anything like that but it’s going to be so interesting to see how it’s taken up for us. In terms of the electronic music scene we’ve always taken cues from everywhere and not just Australia so I hope it will do well, maybe even in terms of slotting in there on the Listen Out festivals or the Parklife festivals or something like that, I don’t really know if it will perfectly fit in to exactly what’s working in that realm of things.

Seekae’s album The Worry is out now via Future Classic. Seekae will be performing on Saturday 29th November for OutsideIn Festival at Sydney’s Manning Bar.



Today it is with great privilege that we introduce you to the newest member of the I OH YOU label family in the form of a young artist named ‘Montgomery’, and announce that we will be releasing her debut EP ‘New Clear War’ on Friday the 24th of October, 2014.

‘New Clear War’ sees Montgomery address the failed relationships she has witnessed break down around her with not only an understated melancholy but also a distinct innocence across six pop songs that were co-produced by Montgomery herself and the prolific Tom Scary (aka Tom Iansek of Big Scary).

While the EP may only be arriving on the 24th of October, we’re thrilled to present you with the first taste of the EP in the form of a track titled ‘War Cry’ – you can check it out below.

At this stage, that’s all we’re able to reveal but hope you enjoy ‘War Cry’ and leave you with the promise of more information and material being just around the corner. Perhaps it’s already within your reach…


Twitter / Instagram: @montgomerynoise

For further MEDIA information contact your Mushroom Promotions rep or:
Melbourne 61 3 8687 1353 | Sydney 61 2 8356 1299 | | |

New Zealand: 64 9 849 7707 or |



Though they’ve undergone a drastic change from the beginning of the project until now, Iceage still manage to blow us away with every single release. Moving away from the slap-and-dash abrasiveness of their debut, the band are slowly wading into calmer waters and their latest single ‘Forever’ is a perfect example of this, but not without subtle reminders of the past. Expertly crafted and delicately constructed; Forever is a modern day love song which straddles flourishes melodically and manages to create a near palpable sense of tension. There is almost nothing surer than us ending our BIGSOUND week tearfully waiting for a flight listening to this, but that’s totally fine by us.

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Iceage will release Plowing Into The Field Of Love on October 6th


Wednesday September 17 – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
w/ Housewives, Low Life & Ausmuteants

Thursday September 18 – Hugs&Kisses, Melbourne
w/ Exhaustion & Power

Friday September 19 – Brightside, Brisbane
Guests TBC



If you haven’t yet taken the plunge, do yourself a favour and go grab Ty Segall’s latest album titled Manipulator. It’s an album which challenges and rewards the listener’s sonic palate with almost an hour of kaleidoscopic sounds and truly brilliant songwriting. If you ask me, his best work to date and I feel lucky to finally be able to justify rambling about this on the blog. The lead and title track ‘Manipulator’ has been given it’s own interactive video; a weird and wonderful paper-mache world unfurls, relentlessly spewing forth a series of linked ideas and total nonsense. The dizzying heights of glam-rock are all yours.

If you want to potentially lose hours of your evening, you can find the entire interactive clip HERE.

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Ty Segall will be in Australia later this year for a series of shows surrounding his appearance at Meredith Music Festival:

Thu 11 Dec
The Bakery
Presented by RTRFM. With Special Guests.

Sun 14 Dec
The Corner Hotel
Presented by RRR. With Special Guests

Wed 17 Dec
Oxford Art Factory
With Special Guests.

Fri 19 Dec
The Zoo
With Special Guests.

Sat 20 Dec
Byron Bay
The Northern
With Special Guests.

Tickets from corresponding venue outlets.



Harlem trio RATKING today released their official video for ‘So It Goes’, the title track from their debut LP released earlier this year. Taking inspiration from their bare boned yet rambunctious live shows, the video moves to showcase Wiki, Sporting Life and Hak performing alongside a DIY video wall that nods to the history of the city they grew up in. Simple, but effective.

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RATKING released their debut LP So It Goes in April 2014. If you haven’t heard it yet, do yourself a favour and grab a copy.



Ahead of his widely hyped 2014 LP release, enigmatic LA producer Flying Lotus has this afternoon released brand new single ‘Never Catch Me’, featuring Kendrick Lamar. The dynamic single is somewhat of an odyssey; a warm introduction flanked by organic percussion bleeds old school hip hop vibes before Lamar takes over – slowly ascending into a jaunted but frenetic flow in sync with a flurry of instrumental chaos. Never Catch Me acts as a wonderful introduction to the forthcoming fifth LP release, and whilst speaking of You’re Dead!, Flying Lotus had some background to offer for fans: “The album isn’t about the end, it’s really the beginning. It’s a celebration of the next experience. It’s the transition and the confusion. It’s not ‘hey you’re dead.’ It’s ‘hey you’re dead!’”.

Flying Lotus delivers his fifth album ‘You’re Dead!’ out Friday 3rd October 2014 on Warp Records via Inertia.


JW-Press SHot

Hot off the back of taking out triple J Unearthed High competition for 2014, Melbourne’s Japanese Wallpaper has wasted little time, teaming up with previous competition finalist Jesse Davidson to release a new single titled ‘Between Friends’. The track is an assured stride forward for 17 year old Gab Strum who has earned himself high praise across his ethereal singles ‘Waves’ featuring Pepa Knight and ‘Breathe In’ featuring Wafia. No stranger to a collaboration, Japanese Wallpaper has made a striking use of Davidson’s plaintive vocals across the dazzling ambient track as he laments ‘If you want to be my friend, you’ve gotta stop being so damn cold to me’. Following perhaps his most mature release yet, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what’s next.



SOHN has clearly wasted little time since the release of his debut album Tremors; the British producer has quickly followed up his 4AD released debut with a dynamic new single titled ‘The Chase’. Picking up just where he left off, SOHN manages to contrast the more brooding elements of RnB with everything from house and atmospheric noise alongside his superb vocal set. The Chase exists in a truly unique space – traditional pop melodies and sinister lyrics are used to create something immediately striking that lingers with each play. We’ll be spinning this one on more than a few rainy afternoons to come.