Rough and righteous Rhode Island 5 piece, Downtown Boys have announced their return with a fierce new track, A Wall. Whilst their latest offering may not be as heavy as what we heard on the bulk of the their last album, Full Communism, A Wall still packs a punch both sonically and lyrically. Experimenting with new sounds/styles is important in maintaining/expanding your fanbase and the DB’s latest track journeys into poppier territory. Before shedding any more quasi-wisdom or sharing other obvious/self explanatory insight on how to maintain fans, let us dissect  todays juice. 

Downtown Boys’ lyrics and general demeanour has always been provocative to say the least. In the past the DB’s have been vociferous in their support of the LGBTQ community; expressed their discontent with Chicana inequality in the US and been uncompromising in their push for labour rights calling out a number of major festivals, hotels and other institutions. This passion as I’m sure you can imagine, shines (or burns) through their music. Today’s juice sees the Rhode Islanders turn their attention to the divisive structure that intends to seperate Central and North America. One of the defining features of the Downtown Boys is Lead singer Victoria Ruiz’s terse vocals. Ruiz’s voice sounds like audio ripped from a rally as she avidly points out that “ A Wall is just a Wall” in between driving bass lines and a mashy, out of control drum beat. It wouldn’t be right for me to leave out the sax that, in a way, grounds A Wall and seems to be playing more of a central role then it did on their last LP. Whilst the track list of their forthcoming album suggests the content within the songs will be as, if not more politically motivated, than what we have heard from DB, it will be interesting to see if this cleaner/poppier will resonate throughout the rest of the LP.

Downtown Boys forthcoming LP is due August 10 and is titled Cost of Living.


Babeheaven are a quintet out of West London that I think, should escape the cold and move to/tour Australia so I can hear them play live. Selfish and unrealistic? Perhaps. But their new track Your Love is so fulfilling that I feel all you Juice heads living in Aus agree. With the help of Queens artist Deem Spencer, the pair have created an introspective, memorable love song that places us in their debt. Due to its catchy melodies, versatility and wholesome flavour, Your Love is being thrown in the blender.

With what sounds like a xylophone, Your Love starts soft and smooth setting the mood for the brooding love song that ensues as lead vocalist Nancy Anderson states from the get go “I don’t know about your love any more”. This theme of irresolution resonates throughout the track and becomes a little more potent with Deem Spencer’s delicate, short-lived verse, providing a nice change in pace/ flavour. Light pitter-pattered percussion fades as the track progresses;  allowing the synths and string sections to take hold. Short shreds of electric guitar are scattered throughout along with distant harmonies that give Your Love some really nice texture. The video also gives the track nice visual as well. 


It’s be a while since this guy has poked his noggin out of his shell (pardon the lame comment). Scottish producer Jon Cooper, better know as Turtle has broken his silence with a new track titled Blood Type. Having never heard any of Turtle’s music before, it took me a while to discover what this Glaswegian was about. Typing Turtle – Blood Type into google, as you can imagine, spawned a lot of irrelevant information. Nevertheless I found my target and have since added many of his older tracks to a number of different playlists.   

Blood Type is a soothing remedy for the Monday blues and will set you in a fluid motion for the week ahead. After hearing todays Juice for the first time, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between Turtle and bands like Air/Massive Attack. The symmetrical loop that opens and closes Blood Type has a hip-hop vibe that if fleshed out, could be a nice beat for someone like Tariq Trotter from the Roots to lend a few bars to; but everything in between this loop is what makes Eliza Shaddad’s voice perfect a perfect fit. With a simple head bobbing beat, Turtle weaves Shaddad’s mesmerising voice through soft synths and ambient sounds that trickle and echo throughout this hypnotic, ambient soundscape.  

Turtle’s forthcoming album, Human is out June 30.   


It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from Grizzly Bear but today’s Juice sees the NY four piece break their silence. Having made a very strong statement with their 2012 LP Shields, we, fans of the bear, have been eagerly awaiting a follow up album for us to sink our teeth/claws into. Whilst we will have to wait till August for their album to drop in it’s entirety, GB have released a new single, Mourning Sound, which should tie tie us over for the next few months.

Mourning Soul has a nice driving feel to it. Not sure if you’ll know what I’m talking about but there is a Mitsubishi ad on tele at the moment that is one of the more infuriating songs for an ad I’ve ever heard. It repeats, “We’re living in the back of the carrrr” over and over again. So annoying! Anyway, my point is that I think todays juice would be a much better fit for a car commercial than the aforementioned. Mourning Sound is packed with ghostly harmonies that quiver beneath a simple bass line, and basic but powerful synth melodies that sporadically pop up here and there. The electric guitar is rather hard to hear but the acoustic guitar is a nice touch and breaks the intensity of the track nicely. Looking forward to hearing what else the Grizz is packing on the rest of the album. 

Painted ruins, Grizzly Bears forthcoming album is out August 18.


Whilst the daily Fresh Juice allows us to share some great new tunes, a lot of important figures in the music industry that live and thrive behind the scenes, helping artists develop their vision, go unnoticed in the publics eye. Yes, that is the nature of the beast but that is why today’s feature is special. Head of XL Recordings, Richard Russell has just released his debut EP under the moniker of Everything is Recorded. Enlisting the help of XL signee Sampha and sampling one of the most delicate soothing vocalists, Curtis Mayfield, Russell has mixed and most certainly matched two of the best standout soul aficionados of their respective eras.

Today’s Juice is titled Close But Not Quite, and in my opinion is more of a smoothy than a juice. Thick in texture, the first track on Russell’s new EP is gentle and has a very Sampha feel to it. A petite piano melody creates the tear jerking foundation for the duet that ensues. Sampha’s voice is almost too complex to deconstruct. Its gruff but soft at the same time. It’s heavy but has the ability to shift pitch at a moments notice making it perfect for Russell’s delicate production on Close But Not Quite. Chopped from Mayfield’s, The Making Of You, Curtis’ (if i may call him that) voice is so light it almost whispers the chorus. With Russell at the helm guiding the track through string sections and understated percussion the track ends with Mayfield getting the last word. 


A soft, stripped back psychedelic track with dub sensibilities is what’s on offer this afternoon. Too descriptive? Too bad. The over wordy opening sentence only touches on the multifaceted Monday Juice that London based solo artist Skinshape is responsible for. Earlier in the month Skinshape released his third LP, Life and Love and the opening track, Take My Time is what we’re shining a spotlight on today…  Known to his parents as Will Dorey, this virtuoso is also the base player for Palace. Not a bad resume.

Slowly creaking into gear with a distorted guitar and a few barely audible piano chords, Dorey does exactly what the title of the track tells him to before delving into the crux of the song. A ride, kick snare combo make up most of the percussion and provide the perfect rhythm for Dorey to dance on his wah wah peddle. The production on Take My Time along with the sharp strums of electric guitar that echo throughout the track, provide todays Juice with a dubby vibe and gives it an extra edge. Symmetrically, the song closes out in a piano that is has become a little clearer then when we first heard it at the beginning of the track.

The whole album can be found hear and should be enjoyed in its entirety 


Dianas’ new track, Heart of Me is as smooth as it is nostalgic. Based in Melbourne this surf pop trio released their debut self titled album in the second half of 2015 which saw them receive a warm reception online. After taking some time off last year, it seems the trio have returned with a new fire as their latest offering feels more complex than what we have heard from the three piece in the past. On that note, I’ve always had a lot of adoration and respect for trios. Whether it be Silverchair, Muse or todays Fresh Juicy focus, filling a seemingly fundamental gap in a rock band with such ease is testament to the musicians that make up all three pieces of the puzzle.

As mentioned earlier, the Dianas have stepped up their game musically as the production on Heart of Me provides todays Juice with an endless fluidity. Keeping it simple with understated percussion and a dreamy guitar, the Dianas intertwine their vocals to create a watery blissful harmony. This simplistic laid back style, the trio Chanel in Heart of Me, along with the retro clothing enables one to draw some comparisons both sonically and aesthetically with Seattle four piece Chastity Belt. I’m sure we will be hearing from these three again soon but if you want a nice two for one, the Dianas will be supporting Allah Las this Friday in Melbourne.



English electronic duo Mount Kimbie are one of the many artists that have marked 2017 as the year they will muscle their way back into our playlists with new music. Prior to a single they dropped last month, it’s been four years since the pair have graced us with new music and todays Juice is probably not the Kimbie you’re used too, but certainly a Kimbie you’ll be happy to get to know a little better. Whilst it’s difficult to label these dudes, their last two albums, for the most part, were most definitely designed with a dance floor in mind. That’s not to say you can’t move to their new music but it’s certainly a slower- and i’d say smoother- groove then the two step we’re used to employing when say, Carbonated or Made to Stray comes on.

Marilyn’s soundscape is crowded with wavey synths, wind chimes and that trademark ambience that seems to be synonymous with Kimbies sound. Resting mainly on the ride and high-hat, Marilyn’s percussion is basic but maintains a steady pace and rhythm, which- along with the sensual vocal feature from Micachu- ensure you dont drift to far into the space. Whilst Mount Kimbie have not announced a new album, they have mentioned they have “Lots of new music” in the works. Check out the track/video below.


Jack Ladder’s latest track Susan, not only marks the return of one of Australia’s coolest artists but see’s him continue down the dark and gloomy path that he left us on back in 2014. Known to his parents as Tim Rogers (and no, not that Tim Rogers), Ladder has again linked up again with, The Dreamlanders to create a track worthy of a slot in a Trainspotting soundtrack. Susan reminds us of Ladder’s range as an artist; whether it’s blues rock track or a solum 80s synth pop ballad like this one, JL always comes through with the goods.       

In today’s fresh juice, Ladder’s baritone growl narrates the love affair between two characters: Richard and Susan. Guided by a mellow synth that keeps a steady disco-like groove and light stripped back percussion, Ladder reminds us of what a unique lyricist he is. Exploring themes of drug addiction, loss and the afterlife, JL’s latest offering tells the story of a grieving widow who longs to be reunited with her deceased ‘one in a million’. Susan then drifts into a distorted shred; compliments of the urbane, wild card Kirin J Callinan, who closes out a juicy return from one of Australias best singer-songwriters. Welcome back Jack. 

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders have a few shows coming up in Syd and Melb be sure to grab a ticket here.


Everything seems to be going exactly according to plan for this new, mysterious group called Superorganism. Not sure if you guys remember but back in February, these guys sent the blogosphere into pandemonium when they dropped a track called Something For Your M.I.N.D which you can find here… No actually you cant sorry, because once they had everyone hooked on their unique glitchy brand of electro pop they deleted the song from Soundcloud. Whether this move was intentional or not it has certainly heightened their mysterious reputation. The group, as we know it, and let’s be honest we barely do is comprised of eight members spanning from London to Main. Any fears we had in relation to SO fading into the abyss have been alleviated in the title of their new song which has the comforting reassuring message: “It’s All Good”.

Backed by a Tamborine, some heavy percussive programming and a wobbly bass the songs foundations are laid. The opening lines come in form of a sloppy auto tuned voice/alarm clock that announces, “Good morning Orono/ You are awake/ The Weather Is Dark”. Apart from making you wish this intro existed within the depressing selection of jingles in the iPhones alarm category, Superorganism seem to set a theme of time as you can hear clocks and Church bells chime throughout. The transatlantic eight piece also create some really nice tension through their split seconds of silence and the strange assorted samples that sporadically pop up in the strangest of places. In addition to showing off their production, the short versus in ‘It’s All Good’ give us a taste of how smooth SO’s lead singer is. Give it a listen below and let’s hope this one doesn’t disappear.