Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Scott Armstrong

I OH YOU is thrilled to present ‘Dumb Terror’, the new single from Sydney based artist MOSSY. The track was premiered on Sunday by Matt Wilkinson on Beats1.The single is accompanied by a thought provoking visual clip from revered Perth director Matt Sav (Tame Impala, San Cisco), which premiered overnight via Clash (UK). The collaboration came about after MOSSY sent the first mix to Sav… “Matt Sav emailed me about this video saying I want to beat the shit out of you, wrap you from head to toe like a mummy in shiny, reflective fabric, shine a giant spotlight in your dumb face and unravel you slowly for everyone to see. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity!”

“I began writing ‘Dumb Terror’ on a flight to America. I was mucking around, recording the hum of the plane’s air conditioning through my laptop and then pitch-shifting it to make these strange sounding choral chords.

During this visit to New York I also recorded a conversation at a Black Lives Matter rally in Union Square between a police officer and a civilian, and ended up including it in the song as it seemed to fit in thematically.

For me, ‘Dumb Terror’ is about the never-ending conveyer belt of backwards politicians and our tendency to turn against each other instead of those with whom the power actually lies.”

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MOSSY will be playing live at the sold out Secret Garden Festival, February 24-25 in Sydney NSW. Grab a copy of the single HERE