Fortunes have graced us with another track called Focus and yea, it’s not bad…. OK I lied it’s sick! Considering these two lads have only been working together since 2015, it’s pretty amazing to hear what they have come up with so far.

Their latest track proves that the Melbourne based duo have been putting in some serious work. Focus feels cleaner and more refined than what we have seen from Fortunes in the past. The combination of synth and piano melodies intertwining with a soft, heartfelt electronic drumbeat enables Conor (the vocalist), to really pour his heart out and show off his remarkable vocal range. Focus is a nice change of pace from their last single, 501’s (give it a listen!), which came out at the tale end of 2016 which similarly addresses the relatable topics of lovesick adoration. Whilst we will have to wait until April 28 for Fortunes forthcoming EP Undress, we have two bona fide bangers to focus on for the time being.


Chastity Belt. Need I say more? Perhaps I should as the context with which this term is used is rather important. If you’re already a fan of these Seattle post- punkers, than it would come as no surprise if I told you their latest single, Different Now is dope! Since they burst onto the scene back in 2013, Chastity Belt have maintained their reputation as a band that exhibits scrupulous musicianship through the cohesive sound they have developed over the last 4 years.

The second time I listened to Different Now (which was less than 5 minutes after I heard it for the first time), I thought, “this would make for a really nice instrumental” due to the fluid groove that CB set in motion in the intro. But the lyrics lend some really raw emotion to the song, helping build momentum for a climactic finish which will have you screaming “yea its different now!” The video is pretty cool too as the band lug their gear to a pretty miserable beach (that I assume is somewhere in Washington) to rock out on the shore and dance around a campfire.

I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone will mark Chastity Belt’s 3rd full length album and is set for release on the 2nd of June.  


From an area of seclusion comes an offering of inclusion…

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Alex G is a master of disguise (no reference to that shitty movie that came out in the early 2000s). There is somewhat of a mystical allure to the way in which the Philly artist approaches music. G- rather uniquely- is able to establish himself within a genre and then without warning, jump ship and explore a completely different sound. His latest single is no exception. Bobby is a daring exploration of country music that I’m sure any bloke with an Akubra or pair of RM William boots would give the proverbial nod to.

Alex G sets the scene early as an acoustic guitar and lightly plucked banjo accompany a sharp whiney violin that is synonymous with that country music. The beautifully crafted soundscape serves as the perfect backing track for the vocal harmony between longtime collaborator Emily Yacina and G. The video is also worth a thumbs up for its quirky, cartoony visual display of such a heartwarming song .

Bobby is one of two singles available now off G’s forthcoming LP Rocket, due May 19. 


If you asked me last week whether I’d ever say “The Drums are back, HOT DOG this is HOT SHIT”, I would laughed in your face and probably deleted you from Facebook. To be honest, I fell out of love with the post-punk via summer vibes of The Drums after album number one – and even though that probably wasn’t the smartest idea, as Portamento had some serious jams – I still never felt like I was going to fall back in love with Jonny Pierce. But here we are and here I am saying that The Drums are back, HOT DOG this is HOT SHIT. You know what, maybe this song was written about me and my lack of feelings for his project in the past? Like, Pierce does sing “what does it take, for you to believe that I have changed” and “I still love you, I love you, I still do”, that’s gotta be it.

My bullshit aside, ‘Blood Under My Belt’ is a truly refreshing sound and really seems to act as a reincarnation for Pierce as The Drums. It’s packed with emotion, rolling out of his mouth like a plea to his loved one – whilst being soundtracked with some beautifully lo-fi tinged instrumentation. The hazy layering towards the end of the track is truly noteworthy; and when combined with its fast paced nature, you can’t help lose yourself in Pierce’s tale. Long live The Drums.

‘Abysmal Thoughts’ is out June 16 via Anti-


No Vacation are a dream-pop/lo-fi act coming out of San Fran. After a pretty sketchy year where this young and relatively unknown act actually called it quits, they are back with a pretty beaut new single. The newbie, ‘Mind Fields’ sounds sweet, that’s literally the best way I can put it. There are very calm, almost whispered vocals, accompanied by smooth, layered, hazy instrumentation. Those are literally all of the keys to a ‘sweet’ song. In terms of it’s themes, the band have said it’s“an ode to breakups inspired and written during No Vacation’s year-long hiatus. It has a tinge of nostalgia, but at the same time, an air of hopefulness for the future.” A perfect self-reflection for an incredibly promising band, that may not be here right now – and perhaps without this thought process, we’d be missing something beautiful from our lives today. #deep #nevergiveup #dreambig

Expect a debut LP from No Vacation in June via Topshelf Records.


If you haven’t ‘met’ (for lack of a better word) Lonelyspeck yet, this is literally the best time. With their second EP dropping at the end of the week, we have been graced by ‘Settle’ – a quick fire single that just doesn’t feel fast or like a single. The latest follows up two truly gorgeous tracks, and once again takes listeners to another part of the psyche of Lonelyspeck. For ‘Settle’ we’re welcomed slowly, as Sione Teumohenga. whispers along to soft bursts of warm synths, as it progresses, sharp percussion, powerful bass whirl around the room – before they really let everything go, a wild array of brightness. An aural representation of rainbow filled sunshowers (sounds lame, but come on, you can see it!). Then, it’s done. The playlist ticks over and you’re not sure anything will top the feeling you have for the rest of the day. That’s the way Lonelyspeck will make you feel, overwhelmed, in the best way possible.

Lonelyspeck’s Lave EP is due March 3 via TEEF. Preorder here.


Thundercat and Kendrick Lamar should do us all a favour and release an album together. Having collaborated on Kendrick’s album, To Pimp a Butter Fly back in 2015, it seems only fair/natural that Kendrick has returned the favour and jumped on Thundercat’s new soulful track, ‘Walk On By’. The song in discussion rests amongst 22 other tracks that make up Thundercat’s most recent LP, Drunk (That’s right…23 tracks!). Drunk also boasts features from Flying Lotus and Pharrell, which, as I’m sure you can imagine, made it very difficult to decide what to froth on.

‘Walk On By’ is perfect for a sunset on a Sunday evening. Laced with the rhythmic ambience that Thundercat creates with his trademark wobbly bass and peculiar programming, you can relax and reflect on the week gone. That is until Kendrick interrupts; making you listen, as he always does to his short-lived verse that zips through the track thus perking you up and preparing you for the week ahead. With that said, ‘Walk On By’ sounds pretty good on a Tuesday too.

Drunk is available on all streaming services. 


Ooh, I needed a good excuse to talk about this track. Ya know, it’s like a few months old now. But now, it has a snazzy new video and is therefore acceptable to be included in a new music release blog. For those out of the loop, ‘Every Single Thing’ is the lead single from Homeshake’s delightfully blissed out third LP, Fresh Air. An ode to being so completely overtaken by the thoughts in your head (which I can definitely #relate to), it’s a smooth affair, with bubbling bass and trademark wonky synths. For the vid, old mate Peter Sagar is absent (probably because it was shot in Taipei) – with Taiwanese dancers Wen hao Chang and Ning Han (and their cute as hell lil’ dog) taking ‘center stage’ (haha, that’s a dancing joke guys). Their subtle, refrained movements reflect the relaxed momentum of the track itself, their strangely romantic swaying the perfect match for this off-kilter slow-jam.

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Fresh Air is out now via Sinderlyn Records.


As we near the release of Green Buzzard’s second EP Space Man Rodeo this Friday 3 March, I OH YOU are pleased to present a new single in celebration of the release this week. Premiering overnight on Richard Kingsmill’s 2017 on triple j, ‘Dream In/Out’ is the second single to be taken from the 10 track EP.

‘Dream In/Out’ was the final song/transmission the Arcadian Space Control ever received from Dewey Everglow’s lost spaceship, the SMR-77. From what they could gather, it seemed to be a song about escapism, a longing for “something new” and the insecurities Dewey faced about what his dreams would ultimately make of him.

Grab tickets to see Green Buzzard performing at Bad Friday alongside DMA’s, Royal Headache & more on Friday 14th April HERE.