Posted on: April 20th, 2017 by Tom Hutchins

Girlpool have been doing wonderful things since they emerged a few years back, think I first heard them after everyone loved their SXSW set. And although I thought their simple, and honest jams on their debut LP were really strong – they have nothing on their new stuff. ‘123’ has been rinsed across radio lately, but I also implore you to check out ‘It Gets More Blue’, it retains the deep and emotive songwriting that is typical of Girlpool – but it’s got an added depth instrumentally, which really only adds the ~feels~ of the track. It’s a damn feeler, and it’ll fit right into your emo-lo-fi-folk-Alex-G playlist.

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The new Girlpool LP, ‘Powerplant,’ is out May 12th via Anti- Records.