Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Tom Hutchins

Daniel Alexander is a London based multi-instrumentalist and producer. He’s one part of the brilliant industrial-dance-pop makers, Breton, and for the last 18 months has been cutting his teeth out on his own – crafting experimental beat heavy demos. ‘ATOM EYESD’ is the latest of only a handful of tracks Alexander has made public, and it continues down his path of haunting politically driven pieces of music. It all begins with a vocal sample that has been pitched down into oblivion, acting as a starting point for the producer to build a track out of skittering percussion and pounding bass beats. There is a lovely, muted guitar line that bubbles along – a warm moment amongst a sea of darkness and ghoul-like vocals from Alexander himself. This is probably the least vocals we’ve heard from him thus far, and I emplore you to listen to his small back catalogue, the guy has a true knack for bringing together beautifully simplistic guitar work and layered deep production. Daniel Alexander illustrates that there’s always beauty in darkness, and nothing could be a truer statement heading deeper into 2017.

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