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Hey dudes,

Everyone is doing their ‘records of the year’ lists at the moment. To be honest, we don’t listen to HEAPS of music…instead we just play the same few songs on constant repeat until they’re permanently etched into our brains, like the moment my dad caught me pants down having a wank in front of the computer at the age of 16. Therefore 10minutes ago when I started trying to write our favourite records of 2012… I quickly realised that we actually still just listen to Ordinary by Red Riders, Lost by Frank Ocean, Wonder Years by Real Estate, Sanctuary by SBTRKT, I’m Into You by Chet Faker, Inhaler by Foals and Living in America by Dom. On a pretty much constant repeat.

Therefore, I decided to make a list of 13 Australian acts we feel are worth keeping an eye on in 2013, we don’t think they’ll all necessarily become Gotye big…but we’ll be at their shows for sure. We haven’t included bands on the I OH YOU label because that would be hell gay & tacky. We also¬†haven’t included acts who are relatively new but have already become obviously massive (eg – Flume, Chet Faker) as you’re probably already ‘watching’ them…we have included acts who have been around for a while but we feel 2013 could see them kill it even more than they already are. OK, lets do this shit.

1. Vance Joy
2. The Smith Street Band
3. Royal Headache
4. Gold Fields
5. World’s End Press
6. Twerps
7. Clubfeet
8. Naysayer & Gilsun
9. Dune Rats
10. Millions
11. Northeast Party House
12. Jagwar Ma
13. Mining Boom



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