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James Tidwell from Violent Soho’s Top 10 Albums from 2013.

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Welcome to 2014! We’re super excited to get stuck into a year full of new music and exciting features with some of our favorite artists alike. James Tidwell from Violent Soho was good enough to compile his top 10 albums of 2013 and we couldn’t help but kick things off with what is a captivating list from one of our favorite dudes!

1. Deafheaven – Sunbather

Haters gonna hate but I love this record.
It owes as much to Shoegaze as it does to black metal.
I didn’t really like their first album so expectations were low but this is one of the best albums released in my lifetime.

[youtube][/youtube] 2. Earthless – From The Ages

Probably the best band I’ve ever seen live and this is their best studio album to date.
Smoke a bong and sit back and listen to this. If you play an instrument you won’t be disappointed.

3. TV Colours – Purple Skies, Toxic River

My Favorite Australian album of ’13
Unreal garage rock with some Twin Peaks intro style music throughout
These dudes are just so rad

4. Milk Music – Cruise Your Illusion

The best band from Aberdeen since Nirvana.
They also have my favourite album title of the year
Imagine Built to spill crossed with Dino Jr.
Mellow, but rad shit

5. Queens of the stoneage – Clockwork

I’ve never been a fan of Queens, in fact my least favourite song of all time is No one know by Queen of the Stonage, so I definitely wasn’t expecting to like this.
I never liked the Josh Holme’s cool guy image because I just didn’t believe he was cool.
After listening to this album I believe it.

[youtube][/youtube] 6. The Bronx – iv

I was always going to love this album and I’m just so stoked to hear new Bronx that isn’t Mariachi Music.
I can hear more of a glam metal influence than a hardcore influence which was weird at first.
It may be the 80’s style of production or mixing or something. Anyway I love it and I think it could be their most consistent album so far.

7. Harsh Toke – Light up and live

My favourite band name at the moment and the lead guitarist is one of my favourite skaters at the moment, Justin figgy Figueroa. To listen to this album properly, do as the title suggests.

8. Uncle Acid – Mind Control

Their last album was probably in the top 10 best albums released during my lifetime.
These dudes rule! This album is so rad, its like Black Sabbath drenched in Acid.
Can’t believe they’re on Soundwave. Seems like a weird band to have on that line up but it made me buy a ticket. Anyway, these dudes are the future.

[youtube][/youtube] 9. Waxahatchee – Cerulean Salt

I was a fan of P.S. Eliot so I thought I was really going to like this album but what I didn’t expect was it to be so stripped back. Katie Crutchfield is one of my favourite song writers at the moment. This album is pretty much perfect for any occasion and your girlfriend is going to love it. Imagine Tegan And Sarah not trying.

10. Weekend Nachos – Still

I love this band and this album is all killer no filler. Someone please bring this band to Australia. Definitely the most brutal album on my list but it’s totally kick ass shit, in a world of lame hardcore this is the real deal and as good as it gets.
Must be listened to at a volume the neighbors can hear.

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