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This week we had the chance to chat to Ryan and Leo (who you may also know from Sydney band Canyons) about their new project Pink Gin. Amongst other things, the interview gave us an intriguing look into the creative process and origin of the new material, whilst providing context for how their two projects will coexist into the future. Make no mistake, these are two of the most driven and exciting creative young minds in Australia. Check it out below!

Gentlemen, thanks for taking the time to chat to I OH YOU!
I OH YOU: Can you tell us about the idea behind Pink Gin and when the project was conceived?

PINK GIN: We made these tracks quite a while ago when we were finding it hard to find new records to play in our DJ sets. We wanted to make people have a laugh while dancing at the same time. ‘Lion Tamer’ is an example – hopefully it will work.

I OH YOU: How did these so called “DJ tools” ever come to find themselves released?

PINK GIN: Right. We put ‘Telephone Funk’ in an ancient beats in space mix and our man Glen at Modular quizzed us on who ‘Pink Gin’ was – we said they were a couple brothers living in Hawaii and we were going to release a 12″ on our label Hole In The Sky. I’m not sure why but he didn’t quite buy that one, so we sent him the tracks. Now the three of us have been Dj’ing these tracks for the last couple of years now and we’d never thought seriously about releasing them but when the idea came up to do it with Modular’s new dance imprint ‘Club Mod’ we thought it sounded right.

I OH YOU: Did you tinker or edit this release at all from when they were created?

PINK GIN: No, we’ve lost the sessions for these tracks, that’s why there are no remixes out there.. We did them all in one or two days. They’re quite simple and raw which was the point when we started them. To get a quick burst of energy out and test it on the dance floor. We’ve got another few tracks in this same style that may come together for a Pink Gin 2 release.

I OH YOU: It’s become very evident that you both like to stay busy; do you see two clear divergent paths in the creative sense for both Canyons and Pink Gin? Will these separate endeavors intertwine at any point?

PINK GIN: It’s always a tough one for us. On one hand we love dance music and playing records in sweaty, grimy rooms and on the other we love sitting in our homes listening to beautiful songs (not saying the two are always mutually exclusive). So as Canyons we have been of the opinion that making an album of 10 or so dance tracks is a bit waste of the album medium. An album, for us is a combination of moods, feelings, sounds, tempos etc where people (hopefully) take it into their homes and live with it and make it part of their day to day for a while. It’s a more personal connection. On the other side of the coin, the electronic bursts of energy that is the dance/club part of what we’re into – there’s another type of connection happening – still completely personal and intimate but in a much different way…In answer to your question, we’re (as Canyons) working to find a balance between the various styles of music we’re inspired by for this next album we’re currently working on. So, yes.

I OH YOU: Your newly released 3-track EP ‘Blame Me’ has been making waves already, featuring some inspired imagery for the lead track. Has the visual element to your works always been one of the focal points for you, or has your recent involvement with the 100 Million Nights project with Daniel Boyd had a large impact on that?

PINK GIN: The visual aesthetic of music is in some ways more important than the audio. The world in which the director or visual artist creates for the track can completely change and shape the way you perceive a song and the artist. The visual side of it I think, is the first part of the whole that people connect with. After the first 30 – 40 seconds, the music then starts to permeate and sink in with an audience. So yes, it’s really important for us. The 100 Million Nights project is it’s own beast. Although the visual part was really quite straightforward in that there was mutual respect as artists and a trust there where we knew what Dan would come back to us with was going to be great. We’d discuss themes and ideas and both go away and work. It has been an excellent and super rewarding collaboration.

I OH YOU: What’s next in terms of creative focus for you both?

We’re in the middle of Canyons album number 2.
We’re recording some of the 100 Million Nights pieces
There’s more 100 Million Nights live shows being booked
There’s more Pink Gin songs already done and more to come
We both have some solo stuff that we’ll put some time into at some point also.
We’d like to look at some kind of short art film type of thing at some point but that’s a ways off… too much to do as is.

Thanks for taking the time! We can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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