Fresh Juice


By August 22, 2017 No Comments

Melbourne based producer Christopher Port has bullied his way behind the counter of the Juice bar to deliver a memorable track titled Nobody Chose You. Having cut his teeth as a musician playing drums for a few low key/relatively unknown Aus artists like Big Scary, #1 Dads and Airling!! CP has since turned his attention to his eponymous project where he has cultivated a strong following due to his unique spin on UK Garage (apologies for reducing Christoph to a single genre). Nobody Chose You is Port’s first release under Future Classic and ought to make the shittest day of the week a little more bearable.

If you’re a fan of Christopher Port then you will know there is a certain method to his madness. The way I see it, CP’s music is captivating due to it’s paradoxical nature. What I mean by this is there seems to be a certain level of unpredictability embedded within Port’s sound but at the same time, a presiding, clinical precision that ensures each track, well stays on track. A chaotic cohesion if you will. Like Bump and- to a lesser degree- Heavens, today’s Juice combines off beat rhythmic drums with unlikely vocal samples. Port is able to contain these elements with subtle synth melodies that emerge from the garagey soundscape (that’s that method I was talking about). Nobody Chose You has climbed to the number two or three spot in my top five favourite CP tracks. Well played CP.


Nobody Chose You is the first track off Christopher Port’s forthcoming EP, Everything In Quotes “Dark” coming out via a special collaboration with Pieater and Future Classic later this year.