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By August 24, 2017 No Comments

I feel like it must be hard to be in a post-punk band. As soon as you make something that falls remotely in the sphere of the genre, you’re immediately painted with this “oh dude, looks like you must listen to a heap of Joy Division, yeah?” attitude from others. But like, how is that even a critique? Anyone that is into alternative music has probably listened to Joy Division. Like sure, the new single from Sydney-siders Death Bells is classic post-punk, hazy vibes, sharp guitars, low husky vocals – you know the deal. It’s a pointed, emotive, rumbling piece – sonically powerful and yet, the execution is still melancholy. So yeah, here’s something from a band that has probably listened to a bunch of Joy Division in their lives… and it’s utterly captivating.

Death Bells’ new LP, ‘Standing At The Edge Of The World’, is out September 29 via Burning Rose/Funeral Party.