Fresh Juice


By August 30, 2017 No Comments

25 minutes may seem like a long time, but when you’re virtually sitting front row at one of NPR’s Tiny Desk instalments with DJ Premier at the helm, time goes by pretty damn quick. This humpy Juice is the ultimate week breaker; a perfect distraction from the busyness of your thoughts and the only motivation you’ll need to help guide your collision course towards the weekend. Now, before the brief analysis, I think it’s important to provide a little context of the visual component pertaining to today’s Fresh Juice.

The Tiny Desk Concert’s are a series of webcasts filmed at the desk of Bob Boilen- the host of a weekly podcast called All Song’s Considered on NPR (a great plug for new music). In the last two months alone, this quaint little office space has hosted the likes of Chance The Rapper, blog favourite Aldous Harding and Maggie Rogers so it’s safe to assume you’ll discover some of your favourite artists rocking Bob’s office should you choose to sift through the 10 years of TDC’s archival footage.

Put simply DJ Premier is one of Hip Hop’s most iconic figures whose influence is immeasurable. A member of Gang Star, a label head, long time collaborator with artists like Nas, Mos Def, Biggie Jay- Z… this dude has way too many accolades to list in this already lengthy Juice so let’s discuss some highlights. DJ P has teamed up with the jazzy ensemble, The Badder Band who provide a real live element to the office jam. My favourite segment of today’s Juice is either the brassed solos on trumpet and trombone or when our featured artist seamlessly mixes his ’95 collaboration with KRS One, MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know. Guided by the grizzling texture of Premiers vocal’s today’s Juice is a reminder of just how far DJ Premier’s catalogue runs.