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By February 15, 2018 No Comments

If you are not already about Forth Wanderers, you’re tacky and I hate you. Back in 2016, the good ol’ days, I came across the New Jersey 5-piece’s ripping Slop EP and was blown away by their heavy instrumentation, garage vibe and devastatingly raw songwriting. I was instantly captivated and still believe they’ve been the best find I’ve made in a verrrry long time. So to hear that they’re back with a new single and are releasing an LP through Sub Pop (I mean, seriously SP, you are knocking it out of the park this year), I died. Luckily, ‘Not For Me’ is currently the only thing giving me life right now. In a way, it feels like the perfect way to step from Slop, it has the same frenetic energy, meshing with the melancholic, romantic and honest lyrics. It is so damn catchy, and so damn real. Forth Wanderers will be the biggest band in the world after this LP, trust me.

Forth Wanderers’ Self-Titled LP is out April 27 via Sub Pop.