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By April 15, 2017 No Comments

If there was a ever a more perfect match made in heaven situation, it’s this. Studio Ghibli meets trip-hop. Let’s say that again in a bit more detail: the refined, gorgeous, shimmering, emotive, relaxed, unbelievable soundtracks from Studio Ghibli films meet trip-hop re-imaginings. Of course, there’s a huge sense of dread when you hear this too right? What if it’s completely butchered… Well, the best bit is that the artist behind this whole project, ‘Ghosting’, is none other than Andrei Eremin. You’ll know him as the producer/engineer from every single local song you’ve fallen in love with over the last few years. As Ghosting he’ll be creating a mixtape using soundtracks from every major Hayao Miyazaki film, and the first cut, ‘One Summer’ – from Spirited Away – is just like crushing me with it’s beauty right now. It takes the minimalist soundscape and breathes an upbeat, hip-hop influenced life into it. The original soundtracks may never be beaten, but Ghosting is getting damn close with this.


The “Reimagining Hayao Miyazaki” Mixtape will be out ‘soon’ via Wondercore Island.