Fresh Juice


By September 18, 2017 No Comments

I’d have to say that Julia Jacklin definitely won 2016. From the captivating entrance to the scene (‘Pool Party’), to the multiple international record deals, to an entire LP of intensely moving songwriting, to my favourite Like A Version of all time – the Sydney-sider and her band could literally do no wrong. Of course that means that 2017 is a touch quieter for this young artist, but this lil’ 7″ release is a nice treat for anyone who needs something new after rinsing Don’t Let The Kids Win. ‘Cold Caller’ is what I would call an AA side to ‘Eastwick’, but I’m gonna put it out there – it miiiiiight be the better of the two tracks. It fills that uniquely Jacklin soundscape she has built. The track has a relaxed melody, crunching guitars and emotional tone – speaking to a fear (or even, an embarrassment) of personal change or maturing. It churns slowly, before letting powerful guitar lines take over – whilst Jacklin’s dulcet tones soaring into the stratosphere. As per usual. Check the box, here’s another brilliant release from Julia Jacklin.

Eastwick/Cold Caller 7″ is out now via Polyvinyl Records, Transgressive Records and Liberation Records.