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By November 8, 2017 No Comments

I’m going to be upfront with you here, because lord knows I don’t need another scandal on my hands. The below track is really not very new. In fact, ‘Reckless’, taken from Kevin Krauter’s debut EP, Changes, was released in December 2016. BUT, the track has now received the ol’ video treatment, and therefore I am legally obliged to talk about it. I’m obliged, not only by law, but because Krauter’s (a member of the fantastically talented US four-piece, Hoops) EP is an absolute delight. It’s this raw, refrained and calming experience, the acoustic lo-fi really creating a tranquil space for relaxation, reflection, sitting in the sun having a sleep and so on.

‘Reckless’ is one of the many standout pieces from the EP, a gentle exploration of apathy – the way Krauter delivers the lyrics “no point in trying if it’s only gonna kill me” is a perfect example. And the video mirrors this melancholic vibe, featuring performing around what looks to be a high school built in the 70s. Let the warm tones (and hues) sooth you.

Kevin Krauter’s Changes EP is out now via Winspear / Warm Ratio.

Photo Credit: Katherine Thomas