Fresh Juice


By September 13, 2017 No Comments

I must admit I’ve been meaning to talk about Kllo’s new material for a while now, but every time I go to do so, I feel like everything’s already been said. The Melbourne duo is toeing this line between pop, club and R&B in a really beautiful way and each track we’re seeing drop from their soon to be released debut LP showcases another side of their songwriting prowess. ‘Nylon’ is no exception to this rule, easily taking the place on the virtual mantle as their most delicate track to date. The new single is built around Chloe Kaul’s emotive and brutally honest lyrics, delivered as melancholic whispers. It’s accompanied with a subtly brilliant arrangement from Simon Lam, slowly moving from a raw piano line into layers of interstellar sounding synths. You can feel the footwork percussion bubbling in the distance, but they’re never given the chance to burst – the track preferring for waves of bass to wash through as a climax. This refrained approach offers a little bit of a throwback to Lam’s days in I’lls, where elements are kept at bay, allowing tension and emotion rise into the space. ‘Nylon’ certainly stands out in amongst Kllo’s latest array of releases, but for all the right reasons – this LP is going to be special.

Kllo’s debut LP, Backwater, is out October 20 via Good Manners/Ghostly/Different Recordings.