Fresh Juice


By September 11, 2017 No Comments

The Money War’s latest offering, Hold On is a great song but its title poses a rather insensitive request if you ask me. Having set the bar astronomically high with their self-titled debut EP earlier this year; then keeping the burner on releasing a track as Juicy as today’s feature, the Perth based indie pop duo can’t honestly expect we fans to be patient/hold on! That is, of course just one interpretation of the song title that has nothing to do with the nature of the song but I did say earlier, if you ask me… which you didn’t, so let’s move right along. 

There is such an effortless magnificence embedded within Hold On. The Money War have managed to create a really relatable song. Channeling elements of Sleepy Jackson and Bon Iver, the whiney guitar that introduces Hold On establishes a relaxing, languorous vibe that is later embellished with the saccharine vocals of Carmen Pepper. The Money War are currently touring with Meg Mac and although majority of the shows are sold out I’ll still be hawking for some tickets should anyone make the mistake of parting with them.