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By April 5, 2018 No Comments

Spanish punk legends, MOURN, were quoted saying that “we like to understand records as personal diaries” and that’s kind of what their new single (the first to come from their upcoming third LP) ‘Barcelona City Tour’ feels like. Of course the title gives that away, but listening through it seems very introspective. With plenty of pointed lyrics (such as “what a shame, you’re not ashamed”) to accompany their sharp and punchy instrumentation, the track (along with the rest of the album, supposedly) speaks about the band’s life over the last few years – which was a tumultuous time to say the least (their local label prevented them from touring or releasing new music in two-year long battle). For such a young, ferocious, energetic band to tackle their personal demons in their own upbeat way, it speaks volumes. So you should celebrate MOURN, by playing this new one really fucking loud.

MOURN’s new album, Sorpresa Familia, is due 15 June via Captured Tracks.