Fresh Juice


By October 19, 2017 No Comments

Nabihah Iqbal may be a name you don’t recongnise, but if you’ve been following the global club scene for a few years, I can guarantee you will recongnise her music. With a repertoire of global-influenced electronic tunes and a weekly NTS show to match, Iqbal has decided to drop her Throwing Shade moniker with this, her first single under her birth name. Although her previous creations have taken their stripes from the worlds of club, dream-pop, bass, electronica and so much more – ‘Something More’ feels like her most ‘complete’ track to date. With it’s catchy, almost lo-fi, guitar lines waving throughout the mix, alongside the dreamy fuzz we see today’s guitar bands gravitate towards, and ethereal vocals – Iqbal has made a song that feels like it’s taken a 5-piece band who have been together for a decade and are onto their third album cycle. This organic songwriting may feel like a departure from the club landscapes she’s found herself surrounded in, but the detailed synth layering and textured soundscape illustrates Iqbal’s intelligence as a songwriter and a producer. Whatever the perceived genre she’s dabbling in, Nabihah Iqbal will find her own space. This is just the beginning.

Nabihah Iqbal’s new LP, Weighing of the Heart, is due December 1 via Ninja Tune.