Fresh Juice


By June 21, 2017 No Comments

Melbourne’s Planète has been lying relatively low in terms of output. Each year we’ve been treated to one new startlingly brilliant tune from the man – and it looks like (for now) that 2017 is no different with ‘Guided By Flux’. Dion Tartaglione (aka Planète) is a master at intricate, spacious and fucking long downtempo house creations. I mean, go back to 2015’s ‘Altair’ and tell me that isn’t the best electronic track you’ve ever heard (no don’t tell me that, I want to live in my dream world). ‘Guided By Flux’ hits a bit harder and is bit more, how you say, pulsating, than you might think… But like, that’s what the kids are into these days and I don’t blame you for doing it Dion, I don’t. In saying that, he still manages to craft a spacious soundscape, as the track slowly builds the room fills with layer after layer. It’s why I’ve always loved this guy, he is at the helms of some of the most perfect floor-filling club music around, yet there is always, always so much to explore with each listen. Go on kids, dance away… I’ll be here studying each bar as it flows through my kitchen whilst I cook my chicken cacciatore.

‘Guided By Flux’ is out now via Good Manners Records.