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By May 5, 2017 June 20th, 2017 No Comments

Everything seems to be going exactly according to plan for this new, mysterious group called Superorganism. Not sure if you guys remember but back in February, these guys sent the blogosphere into pandemonium when they dropped a track called Something For Your M.I.N.D which you can find here… No actually you cant sorry, because once they had everyone hooked on their unique glitchy brand of electro pop they deleted the song from Soundcloud. Whether this move was intentional or not it has certainly heightened their mysterious reputation. The group, as we know it, and let’s be honest we barely do is comprised of eight members spanning from London to Main. Any fears we had in relation to SO fading into the abyss have been alleviated in the title of their new song which has the comforting reassuring message: “It’s All Good”.

Backed by a Tamborine, some heavy percussive programming and a wobbly bass the songs foundations are laid. The opening lines come in form of a sloppy auto tuned voice/alarm clock that announces, “Good morning Orono/ You are awake/ The Weather Is Dark”. Apart from making you wish this intro existed within the depressing selection of jingles in the iPhones alarm category, Superorganism seem to set a theme of time as you can hear clocks and Church bells chime throughout. The transatlantic eight piece also create some really nice tension through their split seconds of silence and the strange assorted samples that sporadically pop up in the strangest of places. In addition to showing off their production, the short versus in ‘It’s All Good’ give us a taste of how smooth SO’s lead singer is. Give it a listen below and let’s hope this one doesn’t disappear.