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By April 18, 2017 No Comments

Have you been going a little too ham on the XX’s new album? It’s ok, you’re not the only one. I have been too…. but who gives a fuck about me, so has Four Tet! Late last week the UK producer released a remix for A Violent Noise, which seems like an unlikely song to cover but man, does he make it work! The 20 year veteran is no stranger to an XX remix, in fact, today’s Fresh Juice complete’s the triangle as Four T has now remixed at least one track off all three of the XX albums.

Playing with different textures and moods, Four Tet takes A Violent Noise to new depths as he stretches out sections of the original track, creating a strong housy foundation. The XX are known for their space between beats; that cosmic dreaminess that really establishes the mood of the song, but Four Tet disrupts this template and fills all the empty space with a crunchy two- step- shuffle beat, hazy synths and distant vocal samples creating a whole new mood all together. What I really like about this track is the way Four Tet distorts those strange violent, siren-like, noises that are almost buried within the original version, and uses them, along with the catchy guitar hook, as a key effect in the climax of mix. This guy really murders any track he chooses to play around with. Cheers Four Tet.