Fresh Juice


By March 2, 2018 No Comments

Damn, it took me such a long time to settle on a track today but I think I’ve made the right decision. In fact I know I have. Based out of Brooklyn, New York comes singer-songwriter Maya Laner’ year old solo project, True Blue. Now believe it or not- trying to find information on a musician who goes by the name True Blue was a little difficult. I kept on being directed to John Williamson’s strange film clip for his 1981 smash hit, True Blue which – as I’m sure you can imagine – was pretty frustrating. But a few tweaks later I found what I was looking for Maya Laner has an impressive catalogue that long predates her solo work. The Brooklyn songstress often sings alongside Porches and has also collaborated on a few tracks with blog favourite (Sandy) Alex G so I guess it’s no surprise that today’s juice, The Edge Of feels so damn familiar.

The Edge Of has a real innocence to it that’s difficult to describe. Laner’s ever-expanding cosmic soundscape is filled with saccharine melodies and ethereal vocal harmonies. Subtle drum programming keeps the track on course and the synth you hear booming in the background gives a really nice depth to today’s Juice. I think what stands out for me the most on this Friday Freshy is the peculiar arrangements Laner puts to use. What sounds like a harp awkwardly wanders all over today’s Juice and it never once feels out of place. Keen to see what else Laner has in store for 2018.