Fresh Juice


By December 12, 2018 January 6th, 2019 No Comments

This fresh juice is a little different. It’s fresh, well the song is, but it’s not really juice. It’s a type of liquid. A thick, murky substance. Okay, yeah, you probably read the title – it’s ‘Elixir’, the new tune from I OH YOU favourite Wiki, featuring London’s Obongjayar and JJ. After releasing one of the great albums of 2017 and touring the world, the American rapper recently returned with single ‘In the Park’.

The two new tracks have ushered in a shiny new era for Wiki. Gone is the old-school rap style, characterised by soulful instrumental sampling and vocal chopping that Wiki presented on No Mountains In Manhattan. Instead, Felix Joseph’s production on ‘Elixir’ aligns with modern rap and grime. It’s straightforward, but hard-hitting.

When Obongjayar’s eerie narration begins the track, it feels like you’ve already downed the elixir and have entered a dream state. Wiki makes us wait for his verse, but his unique flow that we’ve grown to love never disappoints, and it doesn’t here. ‘Elixir’ is yet another winner from Wiki, and I’m pumped for this new phase to continue in 2019.

‘Elixir’ is out now via XL Recordings. Buy/stream the track here. There’s no YouTube link, so get a sneaky snippet below. Or show me some initiative and search it yourself.