Fresh Juice


By September 4, 2017 No Comments

Willaris K has been on a tear in 2017. Having burst onto the scene back in January with his debut single Alchemy, we Juice heads- formerly known as Frothers- have been eagerly awaiting new material from ol’ Willaris. Well, my esteemed and noble companions, need you wait no longer! WK has dropped not one but two new tracks to help put your fiendish cravings at ease. OK, that may be a little dramatic, but both songs- Dour Nights and River Song- are amazing and will kick start your week.

Now, before we delve into today’s Juice, a big thank you is in order to Yeoseop Yoon for creating the visual component of today’s Juice. Yoon has crafted a mesmerising short film, threading the two new songs- along with Alchemy- through WK’s gloomy, cosmic soundscapes and boy is it spectacular. Establishing a distinct sound off one single is not a common thing. Whilst the first time I heard Dour Nights I was at Splendour, I’d like to trust my instincts and say that I would have been able to match it with  WK. It possesses a similar mysterious fervour to what we heard in Alchemy whilst remaining authentic. The River Song feels more like an audial thought than a song. A few understated, dusty piano notes create a solemn sparse setting and are embellished with some crackling vocal samples and a brief atmospheric synth melody for good measure. I actually prefer this bad boy to Dour Nights. Simple but poignant. WK will be hitting up Big Sound so if you’re around, be sure to catch this guy in action.