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Willaris K. - Natural Selection

At times with techno, and all genres under the wider electronic umbrella, it can feel like you’re hearing the exact same thing over and over. But that certainly isn’t the case with triple j-text-line-pronounced “techno Jesus”, Willaris. K. In the span of a single EP, featuring cuts like ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Dour Nights’, the mastermind from Northern NSW has carved out a sound like no other in the game. With new single ‘Natural Selection’, Willaris only enhances his individuality.

A crowd favourite from Willaris’ live sets throughout the year, the eight-minute burner patiently builds with steady percussion and a suspenseful synth riff. Before long, cinematic bass synths chime in, ominously creeping in the distance. Just when Willaris’ faultless texturing feels like it’s coming to a crashing crescendo, the elements calm, making way for a short-lived piano time-out. Spare a thought for the lads in the club at this moment: “Where’s the bangers bro?” Oh, it’s coming, bro. It’s all a part of the plan. The prickly synths rush back, and BAM! There’s the chest-shattering banger. Is this nu-IDM? I think so.

Willaris will be shattering chests this New Years at Beyond The Valley and Lost Paradise. Stay safe mates.

‘Natural Selection / Cobaki Sky (Prequel)’ is out now via Soothsayer.