Fresh Juice


By November 3, 2017 No Comments

How does one go about explaining a group that is so often referred to as inexplicable? Well, I guess a logical place to start would be looking at what it is about the said group that makes them so hard to define. We’re talking, of course about Scottish based trio Young Fathers and their brand new track, Lord. YF are celebrated for their obscurity that’s manifested through the trio’s unique ability in mashing genres you wouldn’t normally associate with one another. Say Gospel, punk or Industrial, pop. And November 3rd’s Friday Freshy is no exception to this winning formula. It’s a daring composition that will undoubtedly catch you off guard and most likely end up on one of your “where the fuck do I even put this banger” playlists.     

Marrying glitchy, industrial chaos with a choir’s soulful uplifting delivery, Lord traverses through some pretty obscure terrain that doesn’t allow much room for complacency. One minute you’re revelling in the soaring gospel-like harmonies, the next a guitar thrashes through the tranquillity perking you up ensuring you don’t let your guard down again. Whilst Lord is Jarring and unpredictable, the soft, simplistic piano melody instils a sense of fluidity in today’s juice whilst also serving as a link between the pandemonium and serenity. Lord is the first taste of Young Fathers’ forthcoming album that is due out sometime next year.