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By March 7, 2017 No Comments

Alex G is a master of disguise (no reference to that shitty movie that came out in the early 2000s). There is somewhat of a mystical allure to the way in which the Philly artist approaches music. G- rather uniquely- is able to establish himself within a genre and then without warning, jump ship and explore a completely different sound. His latest single is no exception. Bobby is a daring exploration of country music that I’m sure any bloke with an Akubra or pair of RM William boots would give the proverbial nod to.

Alex G sets the scene early as an acoustic guitar and lightly plucked banjo accompany a sharp whiney violin that is synonymous with that country music. The beautifully crafted soundscape serves as the perfect backing track for the vocal harmony between longtime collaborator Emily Yacina and G. The video is also worth a thumbs up for its quirky, cartoony visual display of such a heartwarming song .

Bobby is one of two singles available now off G’s forthcoming LP Rocket, due May 19.