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By April 8, 2017 No Comments

Let me start by admitting that yes, I’m definitely behind the eight-ball on this one. So let me get this over quickly. NYC based Alexander F already has a debut LP out, and this single has been around for a while also, but it is too ripping for me not to cover. ‘Call Me Pretty’ may begin with some very dark, industrial tones and oddly hypnotic vocals – but once it jumps into the chorus (with the help of Kimbra) it feels like a catchy as hell garage pop number. From there it’s impossible to not tap along to the upbeat rendition of “Yes, I’m running, obviously I’m running” that stuns you in the opening moments. It’s frantic, it’s dark and feels like it should be another post-punk jam, but the way Alexander and co. have managed to flip the book on it and take us into a different world – well now, it’s special. Everyone from your ‘I listen to Title Fight, but dabble in garage’ to the classic ‘I like bands who yell a lot’ will be able to get around this one.


Alexander F’s debut Self-Titled LP is out now via So Sensation Records.