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Bloc Party today finally released single ‘Ratchet’ which they recently debuted on their Australian tour for Future Music Festival along with 4 sideshows. The band only just announced that they would take yet another hiatus from the recording and live setting under even more mysterious circumstances than before. The single is unlike anything we’ve heard from the 4-piece previously, finally placing Kele’s mysterious hints that he would begin a foray into a more hip-hop inspired vocal line. The off-kilter melody lays down nicely to form an inspired beat for Kele to experiment and let loose vocally. The video itself, as per usual, fits the track in terms of the unique cutting edges and general aesthetic.


For a band which doesn’t plan to continue creatively in the near future, this is a release which we’ve developed a great soft spot for. We hope they’ll be back at some stage, but for now; enjoy!

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