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By March 31, 2017 June 20th, 2017 No Comments

Hands is the debut single of Kirsty Tickle’s new solo project Exhibitionist, and it’s pretty damn frothy if you ask me. Having featured in too many bands to mention in our short time together, Tickle’s resume boasts her versatility as an artist and her latest single, Hands, ads another unique element to her already illustrious repertoire.

Hands is a hard track to pigeonhole. The sharp and fast electronic sampling sets the pace early in the piece and is quickly joined by live drums and Tickle’s angelic pipes. The drum-heavy bridge is broken by a split second of silence, forcing the hazy synth to the centre of your attention. Tickle continues to add texture. Putting her multi-instrumental talents to use, she layers the track with a clarinet (or saxophone, she plays both!) before returning to the catchy groove we heard at the beginning… with the welcomed addition  of sax/clazza*. Nice Symmetry. Having found a perfect match with co-producer Jonathan Boulet, Exhibitionist’s first track is is a scrupulous blend of different sounds that I refuse to try and put into a genre (electro-ambient alt-pop).

Be sure to keep up with Exhibitionist here.

*Clazza – Poor attempt at abbreviating clarinet.