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By March 14, 2017 No Comments

Fortunes have graced us with another track called Focus and yea, it’s not bad…. OK I lied it’s sick! Considering these two lads have only been working together since 2015, it’s pretty amazing to hear what they have come up with so far.

Their latest track proves that the Melbourne based duo have been putting in some serious work. Focus feels cleaner and more refined than what we have seen from Fortunes in the past. The combination of synth and piano melodies intertwining with a soft, heartfelt electronic drumbeat enables Conor (the vocalist), to really pour his heart out and show off his remarkable vocal range. Focus is a nice change of pace from their last single, 501’s (give it a listen!), which came out at the tale end of 2016 which similarly addresses the relatable topics of lovesick adoration. Whilst we will have to wait until April 28 for Fortunes forthcoming EP Undress, we have two bona fide bangers to focus on for the time being.