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By February 27, 2017 April 11th, 2017 No Comments

Ooh, I needed a good excuse to talk about this track. Ya know, it’s like a few months old now. But now, it has a snazzy new video and is therefore acceptable to be included in a new music release blog. For those out of the loop, ‘Every Single Thing’ is the lead single from Homeshake’s delightfully blissed out third LP, Fresh Air. An ode to being so completely overtaken by the thoughts in your head (which I can definitely #relate to), it’s a smooth affair, with bubbling bass and trademark wonky synths. For the vid, old mate Peter Sagar is absent (probably because it was shot in Taipei) – with Taiwanese dancers Wen hao Chang and Ning Han (and their cute as hell lil’ dog) taking ‘center stage’ (haha, that’s a dancing joke guys). Their subtle, refrained movements reflect the relaxed momentum of the track itself, their strangely romantic swaying the perfect match for this off-kilter slow-jam.

Fresh Air is out now via Sinderlyn Records.