Things We Froth


By March 27, 2017 No Comments

Talk about an uplifting lo-fi jam, this newie from Indiana’s Hoops is the kinda track that is designed to lift you up – it’s in the damn name even. These guys have been trucking along for a little bit now, with some really promising EP’s, and amazing side-projects – which has all come to a head with their debut LP dropping early may via Fat Possum. Their 2016 signing to the label can be taken as a sign Hoops have massive promise, and this latest single ‘On Top’ is probably their best cut to date. Wrapped within hazy as fuck layering, the track moves along with subtle choral lines and warped guitar lines. It runs like a melancholic drawl at times, but there’s an undeniable brightness to it all – which is helped along with super encouraging lyrics. No wonder the clip rips on ‘wellness videos’, with a touch of Tim & Eric styles videography and strange dry wit. Look, I didn’t want it to come to this, but if you give Hoops a crack, I’ll guarantee you’ll come out on top…


Hoops’ forthcoming debut LP ‘Routines’ is out May 5th via Fat Possum.