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By April 4, 2017 No Comments

Liv Cartledge’s latest single You Got Me High, is as smooth as a Werther’s Original. A strange and irrelevant analogy for those of you who don’t enjoy the creamy goodness of Werther’s, but feel free to substitute it for any┬áconfectionary item that tickles your tastebuds. Hailing from small town Victoria, Cartledge has been honing her craft as a singer songwriter from the early age of 9; busking on the street and playing along side her old man in local pubs. Having released her debut single, Please Stop Messing Around back in 2015, Cartledge’s latest offering shows a natural progression in both her song writing and her approach to making music.

You Got Me High is easy listening. A song simple in structure that encourages you to switch off and forget that it’s Tuesday. Starting slow, Cartledge sets the mood with a soft hypnotic riff on guitar which carries through, with only slight variation, to the end of the ballad. Cartledge’s voice has the same velvety texture as Katy Steele or Abby Dobson. With her single launch selling out before a location was even announced, it’s safe to say Cartledge is set for a big year.

Keep up with Liv Cartledge here and don’t miss┬áher debut EP, Timber, out later this year