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By March 1, 2017 No Comments

If you haven’t ‘met’ (for lack of a better word) Lonelyspeck yet, this is literally the best time. With their second EP dropping at the end of the week, we have been graced by ‘Settle’ – a quick fire single that just doesn’t feel fast or like a single. The latest follows up two truly gorgeous tracks, and once again takes listeners to another part of the psyche of Lonelyspeck. For ‘Settle’ we’re welcomed slowly, as Sione Teumohenga. whispers along to soft bursts of warm synths, as it progresses, sharp percussion, powerful bass whirl around the room – before they really let everything go, a wild array of brightness. An aural representation of rainbow filled sunshowers (sounds lame, but come on, you can see it!). Then, it’s done. The playlist ticks over and you’re not sure anything will top the feeling you have for the rest of the day. That’s the way Lonelyspeck will make you feel, overwhelmed, in the best way possible.

Lonelyspeck’s Lave EP is due March 3 via TEEF. Preorder here.