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los porcos
LISTEN: Los Porcos – Sunshine

Today we’re super excited to be featuring a track from an outfit made up of Tom McClung, Evans Kati and Joe Manning who have again teamed up to form Los Porcos following the difficult breakup of their former band WU LYF in mid 2012. ‘Sunshine’ is a decidedly more upbeat and polished effort, which seamlessly layers catchy guitars and airey synth lines with cascading harmonic vocals to produce an instant summer classic. By contrast to the previously hailed WU LYF album ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’, this material reveals an appreciation and flawless execution for a more pop centered release that instantly invokes memories of careless days spent in the sun with friends. The only common thread between the two acts can be heard in the lead guitar breakdown when careful yet dramatic chords are slowly reintroduced as the song slowly builds and releases. We can’t help but make the comparison between the two acts, and this latest effort gives hope that we may continue to experience and enjoy the output from several members from one of our favorite bands of the last few years. This one makes us want winter to be gone. Now.

“Sunshine” will be released through Caledonia Records on September 15.

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