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By February 9, 2017 April 7th, 2017 No Comments

Mansionair are doing some great things in the pop sphere right now, but trust IljusWifmo to be the ones that take them a trip into the depths of electronica. The Sydney duo stripped their fellow Sydneysiders’ atmospheric slow jam, ‘Easier’, away – leaving only the bare bones of its former self. In almost a Frankenstein kind of way, IljusWifmo then build it back up with new limbs, organs and flesh – but it’s all different, deformed in a way. The airy tones, are instead drenched in thuds of industrial distortion, and the simplistic gorgeous beat is replaced with skittering percussion and low, pulsating bass. The vocals are now just a whirling whisper, ghostlike even. What once was built in clarity, is now dripping in texture. Downtempo industrial sounds and sweeping synths – alongside the likes of Melbourne’s Null, IljusWifmo are ushering in another wave of darkness within electronica. This remix is a true monster. A true beautiful monster.

Mansionair’s ‘Easier EP’ is out now.