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By March 3, 2017 No Comments

No Vacation are a dream-pop/lo-fi act coming out of San Fran. After a pretty sketchy year where this young and relatively unknown act actually called it quits, they are back with a pretty beaut new single. The newbie, ‘Mind Fields’ sounds sweet, that’s literally the best way I can put it. There are very calm, almost whispered vocals, accompanied by smooth, layered, hazy instrumentation. Those are literally all of the keys to a ‘sweet’ song. In terms of it’s themes, the band have said it’s“an ode to breakups inspired and written during No Vacation’s year-long hiatus. It has a tinge of nostalgia, but at the same time, an air of hopefulness for the future.” A perfect self-reflection for an incredibly promising band, that may not be here right now – and perhaps without this thought process, we’d be missing something beautiful from our lives today. #deep #nevergiveup #dreambig

Expect a debut LP from No Vacation in June via Topshelf Records.