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By February 16, 2017 April 10th, 2017 No Comments

My listening history that plays out in almost a beautiful cliche, emo to hardcore to indie to The National to Elliott Smith to Alex G –  so to be talking right now about a song with the lyrics “Don’t try to love me, just fuck me, it’s fine” actually brings a tear to my eye. And on that note, welcome Oliver Wilde into your life.

‘Smothered’ is the track in question, the latest piece of brilliance from this UK based artist, and continues his theme of creating collages of sound. With a history of creating glitchy folk music (yep, actually sounds like that), and a beautiful knack of waxing lyrical in a dark and moving way – Wilde is no stranger to this game. ‘Smothered’ smashes together poetic, depressing lyrical content with warped vocal melodies, fuzzed instrumentation, some serious strange synth tones and an upbeat glitchy percussive element. It sounds messed up, and it totally is, but it’s also delicate and gorgeous and powerful – all at the same time.

Wilde’s new LP, Post-Frenz Container Buzz, drops 17 February via Howling Owl