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By January 25, 2017 March 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Every time Real Estate prep a new LP, a little bit of worry washes over me. “What if they’ve tried to change things up, but gone too far?”, I think to myself. In my eyes, this band are the leaders of ‘guitar pop’ (whatever that is) the world over, so it makes sense that change is scary to me. Yet every single time, my thoughts are proved incorrect – and once again, they’ve managed to completely subdue any fear I had for their 2017 album.

‘Darling’ is the first cut to come from their extremely recently announced fourth album, ‘In Mind’, and it’s another slice of golden, lo-fi, relaxed pop. It’s hard to say this early, but this may be the most cohesive and polished Real Estate have sounded; every layer of whirling guitars and bubbling bass perfectly aligned with Martin Courtney’s beautifully melancholic vocals. I dare you to listen and try not to fall in love with every moment. Of course, it feels like a Real Estate song – but sometimes in life all you need is some familiarity.


‘In Mind’ will be released March 17 via Domino Recording Co.