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LISTEN: Shorts – Berlin 1971

It hasn’t taken very long. Maybe it’s daylight savings or maybe it’s the fact that everyone around me seems to have contracted some type of flu/plague hybrid sickness – but I’m already fucking sick of this weather. Luckily, it’s tracks like today’s feature ‘Berlin 1971’ from Melbourne-born/Brooklyn-based Mikael Caterer’s Shorts which make it all better, even if just for a moment. Berlin 1971 is has a vibrant recurring melody which surges patiently throughout and it doesn’t take long to hear that this is warm jangle-pop done with an endearing spirit in mind. Interestingly, this debut EP boasts some pretty sweet names such as Dylan Shumaker (Alex Bleeker and the Freaks), Adrian Tregonning (NO ZU) and Jonah Mauer (Real Estate) who have all contributed to what we regard as a release that’s both fresh and innovative whilst retaining some of those more instantly familiar pop sensibilities.

Shorts released the Berlin 1971 EP on March 18th via Aloe Music.

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