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By April 5, 2017 June 20th, 2017 No Comments

There aren’t many people that really crush hip-hop remixes, especially those that already use a trap, bass heavy soundscape in the original. Off the top of my head, Ryan Hemsworth is the huge exception to the rule, but I think I’m ready to add one more producer to this extraordinarily short list – Lonelyspeck. The Adelaide based multi-talented legend is coming off the back of one of my favourite releases of 2017, the Lave EP – but is straight back into it with this legitimately HUGE remix of Canadian duo So Loki’s ‘Liquid Luck’. I probably use ‘huge’ way too often when describing tracks, but this remix genuinely sounds fucking huge, but it’s in a completely unorthodox way. Whilst the original is a fast, upbeat, powerful trap number – Lonelyspeck has slowed it down and replaced the production with just the murkiest, bass heavy beats. It’ll burn your ears when you hear the first drop of it. There are also these airy, yet haunting as fuck synths floating throughout – at times it feels like Linkin Park production circa 2004, and at others it feels like you’re listening to a track recorded in a abandoned hospital (so also, like most of Linkin Park’s old video clips?). The whole thing is chopped and screwed with, even though the vocals flow almost as per usual – how have you even done this Lonelyspeck??

I don’t even know how you get this track, hopefully it turns up on streaming services.