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By March 6, 2017 No Comments

If you asked me last week whether I’d ever say “The Drums are back, HOT DOG this is HOT SHIT”, I would laughed in your face and probably deleted you from Facebook. To be honest, I fell out of love with the post-punk via summer vibes of The Drums after album number one – and even though that probably wasn’t the smartest idea, as Portamento had some serious jams – I still never felt like I was going to fall back in love with Jonny Pierce. But here we are and here I am saying that The Drums are back, HOT DOG this is HOT SHIT. You know what, maybe this song was written about me and my lack of feelings for his project in the past? Like, Pierce does sing “what does it take, for you to believe that I have changed” and “I still love you, I love you, I still do”, that’s gotta be it.

My bullshit aside, ‘Blood Under My Belt’ is a truly refreshing sound and really seems to act as a reincarnation for Pierce as The Drums. It’s packed with emotion, rolling out of his mouth like a plea to his loved one – whilst being soundtracked with some beautifully lo-fi tinged instrumentation. The hazy layering towards the end of the track is truly noteworthy; and when combined with its fast paced nature, you can’t help lose yourself in Pierce’s tale. Long live The Drums.

‘Abysmal Thoughts’ is out June 16 via Anti-