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LISTEN: Tooms – Simple Tactics EP

Tooms is Melbourne producer Sam Gill’s ‘late-night, can’t sleep project’. Having already received numerous accolades for his other projects Naysayer & Gilsun and KIRA, it seems only fitting that this project find it’s place as a home for the revisited loops and experiments which never quite found their place. Following his first self-titled EP, a cult following developed for the project and whilst the sophomore may not repeat an inclusion of sparsely littered Nelly Furtado samples, it still achieves the same sense of fleeting familiarity amongst a wash of seeping, ambient noise. In saying that, the Simple Tactics EP begins to hone in on a series of surreal moments which bare total and utter calamity; Cop is an immediate standout which draws closer and closer to breaking free from it’s bedroom foundations and into the night. Be sure to check it out the Simple Tactics EP, or better yet buy it HERE.

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