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LISTEN: Total Control – Flesh War

For the uninitiated, Total Control is a band out of Melbourne which includes members from Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race and Straightjacket Nation amongst others. Basically, it’s a super-group of musicians who have lent their hands to shaping and progressing the punk and garage scene in Australia for quite some time. Today we feature their new single Flesh War. The song marks the first single from forthcoming LP Typical System and a welcome return for the band which sees the initial garage foundations evolve into something much more informed by electronic music than we had otherwise expected. Long, enveloping synths provide warmth to the track whilst clear cutting percussion and low sung vocals provide a clear linkage to the very distinct Henge Beat material. If you can’t already tell, we think both this band and this track are pretty fucking phenomenal. They’ve certainly laid an early claim to one of our favorite singles of 2014.

Total Control release the Typical System on June 24th via Iron Lung Records.

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