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By March 26, 2017 April 11th, 2017 No Comments

Here’s a tasty piece of electro-pop for you this week, and I’m not talking electro-pop circa Miami Horror in 2007, I’m talking something a little darker and somehow a little dreamier. Welcome Water From Your Eyes into your lives. This US duo haven’t been around for very long, and ‘Cold Stare’ would probably be considered as their debut single. It’s a melancholic pop jam, with an irresistible dream-pop guitar line and some juxtaposing chunky synths thrown in for good measure. It actually reminds me of this Parisian band I heard a while back called Appaloosa, and it’s not since I heard them on a Kitsune compilation in like 2010 that I’ve come across this kind of really airy and blissful soundscape that is also kind of moody and dancy. So, yeah, today’s been good.

Water From Your Eyes’ debut LP, Long Days No Dreams, is out 14 April via Sooper Records.