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By March 28, 2017 No Comments

Tuesday is the undisputed shittest day of the week. I don’t want to hear any Monday blues dribble, a Tuesday is a bleak reminder that you haven’t yet surpassed the hump and the weekend is but a distant, seemingly unattainable fantasy. That’s why the Tuesday froth is an important one as it aims to boost your moral with some dope new music; encouraging you to keep the gas on. On that note, today’s froth marks the return of New York rapper Wiki. Having been busy lending his genius to other artists, his latest track, Icarus, sees Wiki returning to his self titled solo project for the first time since his debut LP, Lil Me which dropped back in 2015.

Still packing that grimy, ‘I’ll sock you in the mouth’ kind of attitude from the Ratking days, Icarus is a reflection of raw emotion. Verbalising his inner conflict and resilience, Wiki shows off his lyrical prowess in the chorus with bars like “What you want from me/tired of the fuckery/ conspiring you don’t hear the violin, try again”. Recorded on top of a wobbly bass, light percussion and sound effects that sound like a jet piercing the sound barrier, the backtrack places the New York MC’s rhymes exactly where they belong: at the centre of the listeners attention. Not sure if there is an album in tow but cheers to Wiki for making Tuesday a little more bearable.