Neon Love

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We’re thrilled to have the pleasure of signing, releasing and working with NEON LOVE.

We will be announcing the guys debut EP on the 23rd of October (so you better fucking buy it!)

1. Neon Love are 5 teenagers from the rural Victorian town of Ballarat.
2. Neon Love have played with acts such as Girl Talk (US), Van She, The Grates, The Scare, Grafton Primary etc
3. Neon Love were finalists in Triple J’s Unearthed High Competition 2008
4. Neon Love has a new single called ‘Holiday’ which you’re going to listen to right now and it will blow your mind.

Neon Love’s debut EP ‘Keep Us in the Dark’ will be available on ITunes from the 23rd of October – through I OH YOU


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